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No Kidding is purely a social organization whose primary goal is to make friends and have fun with other people who have never been parents. We are a social club for adults that are child-free, pure and simple. We are open to anyone who has never had a child, without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, politics, or sexual orientation.

The Buxmont Chapter of No Kidding, values diversity, and welcomes anyone who has never had a child to get involved, and have fun with us. We do not charge any dues or fees, but some groups have voted to pay a small yearly fee to pay for web site hosting, and some very basic services, such as providing bottled water during certain events.

Our Values: At Buxmont No Kidding, we value diversity and uniqueness. We believe that the more people of different walks of life that join us, bring with them their own special gifts and beliefs that add richness to all of our lives.

Leadership: At No Kidding, we have no leaders, per se, except one person is usually the group organizer, and web master. We work very democratically, and vote on most issues that come up. The organizer schedules the yearly planning meeting, and the group gets together to plan out the tentative events for the year. We try to have an event every month, some which cost money, like eating out or going to a museum, concert, or show, and some things that are free, so that we don’t exclude anyone who is on a tight budget.

Teamwork: At the planning meeting, individual members present their ideas for events they’d like to host, and we put the events on the schedule. Hosts organize the event, make reservations when necessary, and provide the group with all the information necessary to find and enjoy the company of the group. The host is expected to arrive at the event site at least 30 minutes early to greet all members, and to direct them to where the event will begin. It is recommended that you attend at least two events before you ask to be a host.

Group Relations: At No Kidding - Buxmont Chapter, we do not hate or disparage children, or people that have them. We don’t have children ourselves, by choice or circumstance, and it’s as simple as that. 

Membership Eligibility: In order to be a member of No Kidding, you must not have ever had a child of your own. If you have a significant other who has had a child, they are allowed to attend any event with you, as our guest, but cannot become members themselves.


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